Our Story

Almost a decade ago, I received a cheque from the insurance company of my late sister. She was a beautiful woman who spent so much time to take care of her skin. But without much knowledge on health science and ingredients, she was using many harmful, carcinogenous products - a possible cause of the cancer that eventually took her life away from us. Her death inspired me to start a business that trades only safe and qualitative personal care products to pay tribute to her as well as to educate the public on a concept I called “Beauty Safety”.

At Mulaohu, beauty safety is our core belief and commitment to customers. The concept is simple, yet unique in the skin care and beauty industry.

We are bombarded with infinite fake and vague information everyday. Products labelled as “Organics” or “Natural” may only reflect partial use of ingredients or they are just marketing gimmicks or sales tactics with an intent to mislead consumers.

Our team has been doing extensive research, to study and to look for brands and products from around the world that are truly devoted in making natural and harmless products to benefit humanity. Some of them are even accredited by international certifications and awards, and yet their pricing is still reasonable.

“Beauty Safety” is not merely a quality control concept, it is indeed our commitment, our spirit and our way of being to make a difference at Mulaohu Limited.